About Us

About the NPTE Foundation

The New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Foundation was established by the founder who desires to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical technology through his business activities and had a wish to decrease unmet medical needs as much as possible, which arose when he took care of his family member who was ill and then dead. He contributed some of his assets to found the NPTE Foundation.

With cooperation of the New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering (NPTE) Institute, the NPTE Foundation will select individuals or research groups that present outstanding research achievements that ensure contribution to the advance of pharmaceutical development, pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutical process engineering. And the NPTE Foundation will recognize their efforts and award prize as the Particle Design (PD) Award at the NPTE Conference which will be held by the NPTE Institute every year, in the hope of further development in these areas.

In addition to the PD Award, as a program for supporting young pharmaceutical engineers and researchers, the NPTE Foundation will offer the Research Abroad Grant to winners who wish to study and research abroad in three research areas mentioned above. The Research Abroad Grand is to cover the winners’ travel and research expenses for study and research abroad, partially.


  • Name: The New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering (NPTE) Foundation
    Foundation: March 31, 2014
    Founder: Takeshi Takashima
  • Organization


  • Yoshiaki Kawashima
  • Akira Asanuma
  • Katsuhide Terada
  • Shigeki Takeda
  • Akihiko Inaoka
  • Nahomi Hashizume


  • Takeshi Takashima (Representative)
  • Hisakazu Sunada
  • Hirofumi Takeuchi
  • Yuji Tokunaga
  • Yasuhiko Nakamura
  • Fujio Isemoto


  • Shigenobu Matsura
  • Yumiko Oishi