Research Abroad Grant Award

Ι. About Research Abroad Grant

The Research Abroad Grant is a grant for researchers who study/research any of the following 3 research areas; “Pharmaceutical Development”, “Pharmaceutical Technology” and “Pharmaceutical Process Engineering”. The NPTE Foundation will provide the grant to partially cover the winners’ travel and research expenses for study and research abroad.

Ⅱ. Number of Winners

Maximum 2 winners/term

Ⅲ. Research Abroad Grant

Maximum*1 million JPY/applicant
*The amount of the grant will be determined by Directors of the NPTE Foundation and announced to the winners in the letter of acceptance.

Ⅳ. Who can apply?

Applicant(s) for the Research Abroad Grant must fulfill all of 4 requirements below.

(1)A junior pharmaceutical researcher/engineer who is younger than 40 years old, as of the application deadline of each application term.
(2)A person who is regularly employed by a pharmaceutical company, college/university or research institute in Japan, or enrolled in a master degree or higher course of a college/university in Japan as of the application deadline of each application term and engages in research activities of any of 3 areas: Pharmaceutical Development, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Process Engineering.
(3)A person who want to study abroad at his/her own wish to research on any of 3 fields mentioned above, and has obtained approval from the person responsible for the research institute where he/she is to study or which has invited him/her as a researcher; and
(4)A person who will depart from Japan within a year counted from the date of application.
※Please specify in the application form, if you have approval from the research institute but your departure date has not fixed yet.
※Persons are not eligible, who will return temporarily from a foreign country where they study and leave Japan again during the above mentioned period.

V. Selection Process

Based on submitted documents, the NPTE Foundation directors will select the winner(s), who are appointed under the NPTE Foundation bylaw. (When the directors select winner(s), they will refer to the comments from the NPTE Advisory Committee. An interview may be required, if it is necessary.)

Ⅵ. Achievement of Research

The winners shall submit a report on the results of the research conducted during the study abroad. Based on the NPTE Institute Advisory Committee’s examination outcome, the winner shall make its Commemorative Presentation at the NPTE Conference or its related Pharmaceutical Technology Conference to be held by the NPTE Institute. Otherwise the winner’s report shall be submitted to appropriate academic journals or collection of academic papers.

Ⅶ. How to apply

Full application forms (A) to (C) should be completed and submitted at any time before the deadline by either mail (registered mail recommended) or e-mail to the secretariat of the NPTE Foundation.

【Application Forms】 *available only in Japanese
A.Application Form for the Research Abroad Grant
B.Research Outline
C.Letter of Recommendation
*Please download application forms from the link below.

Ⅷ.Application Period

The 2nd Term June 1, 2022 – November 30, 2022 <Review in December>

The Application Forms

1.(A) Application Form & (B) Research Outline
2.(C) Letter of Recommendation

Submission & Contacts

The Secretariat of the New Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering (NPTE) Foundation
ADD: 6-36-1, Kitagawara, Itami, Hyogo, 664-0837, Japan
TEL: +81-(0)72-774-3331
*Once the secretariat receives application forms, an e-mail will be sent to confirm receipt of documents within several days. When you do not receive this confirmation by e-mail, please contact the Secretariat of the NPTE Foundation.