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​About the Foundation

​About the Foundation

The “General Incorporated Foundation New Formulation Technology and Engineering Promotion Fund” was established in March 2014 with the cooperation of the “Society for Considering New Formulation Technology and Engineering” (Chairman: Yoshiaki Kawashima), with the cooperation of Mr. Takeshi Takashima, who contributed his personal property, with the aim of encouraging the development of “formulation development,” “formulation technology,” and “formulation process engineering,” and fostering young researchers.

This fund will set up the "Particle Design Award (PD Award)" in 2014 to recognize researchers and research groups who have made outstanding research achievements that contribute to the development of "formulation development," "formulation technology," and "formulation process engineering."
In addition, as a project to develop young pharmaceutical technology researchers, we have been providing "research grants" to support part of the travel expenses and research expenses for studying abroad since FY2014.

Articles of incorporation

Supplementary provision


Organization name

New Formulation Technology and Engineering Promotion Fund



Takeshi Takashima



Yoshiaki Kawashima

Akira Asanuma

Katsuhide Terada

Akihiko Inaoka

Nahomi Hashizume

Hirofumi Suzuki

Etsuo Yonemochi


Takeshi Takashima (Representative)

Hirofumi Takeuchi

Hisakazu Sunada

Yuji Tokunaga

Yasuhiko Nakamura

Fujio Isemoto


Shigenobu Matsura

Yumiko Oishi

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