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​Study Abroad Research Grant


2023 Study Abroad Research Grant

​I. Study Abroad Research Grants

This research grant is for those who are engaged in research activities in one of the three fields of "formulation development," "formulation technology," and "formulation process engineering."Partial payment of travel expenses and research expenses for studying abroadThing.

II. Number of hires

Up to 2 cases/half year (1st term/2nd term)

III.Award amount

highest*1 million yen/case

*The award amount will be determined by the Foundation's directors and will be communicated with the acceptance letter.

IV. Applicants

Those who meet the following four conditions will be eligible for recruitment in 2023.

(1)At the time of the application deadline for both the first and second semestersYoung formulation technology researchers under the age of 40

(2)At the time of the application deadline for both the first and second semestersFull-time employees at pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes, etc. in Japan, or

Enrolled in the first half of the doctoral course or higher in the three fields of "formulation development", "formulation technology", and "formulation process engineering"

   Persons engaged in any research activities

(3) Desire to study abroad for the purpose of research activities in the above three fields, and the person in charge of the host research institution or responsible for the host laboratory

A person who has obtained the consent of the person

(4) Those who will depart for study abroad within one year from the date of application

*If you have decided where you will accept research, but have not decided the exact period of study abroad, please indicate so on the application form.
*However, those who temporarily return from their study abroad and depart again during the above period are not eligible.


Based on the submitted documents, the directors of the Foundation, who have been selected based on the Articles of Incorporation of the Foundation, will make the selection. (In the selection process by the directors, the opinions of the Advisory Committee for New Formulation Technology and Engineering will be referred to, and interviews will be held as necessary.)

VI. Research results

Students are required to submit a report on their research results during their study abroad to the Board of Directors.
Based on the results of deliberations by the Advisory Committee, which considers new formulation technology and engineering, presentations will be given at technical lectures, formulation technology seminars, etc., or submitted to appropriate academic journals and collections of papers.


Please prepare one copy of each prescribed document and send it to the secretariat by mail or e-mail.
*Please apply either by mail or email.

【Documents to be submitted】
1. 2023 Study Abroad Research Grant Application & Research Overview (Part 1)
2. Recommendation letter (1 copy)

*Please download and use the prescribed form below.

VIII. Application period

Schedule for the first semester December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday)
Late schedule June 1, 2023 (Thursday) to November 30, 2023 (Thursday)

​Application documents


New Formulation Technology and Engineering Promotion Fund Secretariat
5-5-5 Kitagawara, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture 664-0837

*Once the documents have been submitted to the secretariat, we will send you a receipt notification email within a few days.
If you do not receive the email, please contact the New Formulation Technology and Engineering Promotion Fund Secretariat.

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